‘A rapist in your path’ in Tetouan

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The message continues. Most recently, a group of women in Tetouan (Morocco) have repeated the performance ‘A rapist in your path’, translated into Arabic. The impact has been tremendous: 30,000 reproductions of the video in just the first hours. They are receiving all kinds of threats and insults, and have called out for support.

They suggest that we take photos of ourselves with messages like “I danced ‘A rapist in your path’ too. Sisters, we’re with you!” or “For the personal liberties of women in Morocco and everywhere!” #DinamicaMiCuerpoMiDecision #MonCorpsMaLiberte #MyBodyMyLiberty #FeministesMarocaines

International Network of feminist organisations in Central America and Mediterranean – ANAWANTI supports these women. Please send your messages of support to: maliberte.moncorps@gmail.com